One week down – learning to be content

Today completed my first week of Spanish classes. The first day was great! I was so excited and the 3 hours passed very quickly. The second day is when I began to feel a little more overwhelmed; not to the point of discouragement, just the thought that, “whoa, this is a lot. A lot, a a lot, a lot!” But overall the week went well and very quickly! I won’t say it is easier than nursing school, but at this point it is not as stressful. Only having to focus on one thing, Spanish, is very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

The format of the schoolย is one-on-one teaching. This is very individualized and it also means you HAVE to speak, which for learning purposes is wonderful! Mi maestro (my teacher) is very good and very patient with me, for which I am so grateful! The first day we went over the alphabet (alfabeto) and some simple verbs. Then we moved on to greetings and farewells. And, each day we make a list of any verbs and vocabulary words I don’t know so I can take them home and learn them. Quizlet is my friend!!! 104 verbs down, many, many more to go. At times it seems like I’m learning a lot and other times I’m frustrated by how little I can remember. I have to keep telling myself, “it’s only the first week.”

I am very much looking forward to the end goal of being able to speak Spanish and be able to communicate. And while I need to keep my goal insight, I’ve realized that I also need to enjoy the journey instead of wish I was at the end. I cannot simply just know Spanish. It is a process and a journey. During this process I must learn to be content (Phil 4:11). I nePhil411 verseed to be looking for things that God is going to teach me along the way and for opportunities to show His love. And I always, always, always need to be thanking and praising him for whatever situation I am in. I read a book called “One Thousand Gifts” last year and it talked about how when we are thankful, the focus is removed from self and placed back where it should be: on God. In doing so, we can then be content in any situation. So that is my goal. Yes one of my goals is still to learn Spanish, but my daily goal is to learn to be content in each day with where God has placed me and what He is teaching me along the way.





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