This is life – be thankful

This whole week I have been trying to figure out what to write about. Nothing jumped out at me, nothing was dramatic or super exciting, just the mundane. The week was just a normal week. But now looking back, I realize I wasn’t seeing the small joys to be thankful for that were right in front of me. After some conviction and reflection, here are some of the things that although made this week just another normal week, also made it a week full of precious treasures, little things I’m thankful for. And those are what I’m going to share with you 🙂
* Steve & Alissa – They took care of me when I was sick early in the week. So thankful for their hospitality and their friendship. It’s nice to have a family away from home.
* New friends – Through the school, I’ve met many new friends. This week, three of us ventured downtown and got lost a couple of times on our way to a movie (in English) that we didn’t even end up watching. But, it was fun to laugh at ourselves and figure out our way around this new place. I also had a coffee date with another sweet girl from language school. What an encouragement she is to me!
* More confidence in exploring my new home – This small town girl is thanking God for more confidence in taking taxis and going downtown in a busy city (and it’s not even a big city, only about 90,000).
* My daily walk to school – Though it is often hot, even by 9 am, I cherish this five minute walk to school to take in the simple beauty around me, plus it gives me a chance to talk to God and pray over my day. Usually my morning prayer goes like this, “Lord, thank you for this beautiful morning. Please help my help me learn as much as I can today without frying my brain.” Or something like that, but praying my brain doesn’t stop functioning afterward is always included.
* Simplicity of life – Life seems so simple here, I do not have a million things needing my attention. I have time to journal, read (I have read maybe, maybe 4 books that I WANTED to read in the last 4 years, so this is quite a treat), blog, learn to make tortillas, and simply have time that is not filled with endless tasks to be done. 20150808_083957

* Doña Rude and her sweetness – My host family is the best! Doña is the absolute sweetest and also took care of me when I was not feeling well. She also taught me, well attempted to teach me, how to make tortillas this morning as well as let me help her pick red beans off the plants to be shelled.

* FaceTime and wifi to communicate with family and friends – I am so so thankful for this! Being able to communicate with family and friends has definitely helped with the adjustment of moving.
* Quizlet – MY BEST FRIEND when it comes to studying Spanish and learning all the vocabulary, verbs, articles, etc. If you’d like me to share my wonderful array of words, please let me know 😉
* Very few bug bites!! Whoo hoo! I have only been graced with approximately 5 bug bits, compared to the usual 50-75 I usually get when I come to Honduras. Definitely a blessing!
* Praising God that I have only seen one cockroach. I realize this is a very small thing but still, I’m thankful.
* My teacher (who is also a pastor) – He is a great teacher and always encourages me to talk even if it has nothing to do with the lesson. He likes to talk about God and allows us to use class time to do so. It is very fun to try to talk/explain things all in Spanish with my limited vocabulary. However, he seems to understand.
* A sweet girl down the street – I met a sweet little girl named Alejandra who lives two houses down. She is in bilingual school and knows English, so we get to practice on each other.
* Fresh fruit and veggies – This is awesome! I went to the open market last Sunday and bought fresh mangos for 25 cents a piece. Avocados were like 5 cents a piece. I LOVE IT!

And those are just a few that I’ve listed of all the things I’m thanking God for. There are many, many more, but those I just wanted to share.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” James 1:17



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