Dreaming and making plans

Happy 1st day of November! It’s crazy to think October has come and gone (and I didn’t blog at all during that time 😦 ) But, all is going well. School, school and more school.

Once a week, I meet with the Rose’s to discuss the future plans of our ministry, El Camino de la Vida, or Path of Life. This past month we have really focused on planning out what “paths” we will offer as well as how a week will look.

Sitting around their kitchen table with a marker and whiteboard and brainstorming about our soon-to-be reality filled me with excitement. As we laid out plans for each day, I could picture each in my head. I see our outdoor classroom where we will offer English, Bible, nursing assistant, and child care classes. I imagine the girls who may be shy and quiet initially, yet eager to learn. I see the sense of accomplishment gained from learning something new. I imagine the house that will become a home to us as we become a family. I see us being silly, laughing until we cry for a reason we don’t remember.

I can also see nights staying up crying with girls who are struggling with a past event. I can see the pain of remembering family and friends. I can see the anguish for past decisions that left them empty. I can see the anger against people who have hurt them in the past. I can see the brokenness of “not being good enough”.

But even more, I can see the once strong walls of hearts being broken down by the power of Christ’s love. I can see the beauty that He will make out of ashes. I see forgiveness. I can see the moments when each one comes to the point where they understand how much Jesus loves them and how much we need Him. I can see hearts transformed by grace that want nothing more than to live for Jesus. I can see the passion of wanting to share this treasure with others, maybe even those who have hurt them. I see the power of the Holy Spirit.

When language school seems to drag on and motivation is hard to come by, I go back to these pictures. They remind me why I am here.


One thought on “Dreaming and making plans

  1. Jami you are such a blessing to those there and also here. I thoroughly cherish your face book entries. Makes me remember how blessed I am. Helps me not to feel so sorry for myself. The Lord new you would be able to give of yourself and honor him. God bless you. Love Twin


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