Mucho Gusto

“Mucho gusto! Gracias por recibirnos. Soy Jami, ella es Lesbi y trabajamos con una organización…….” “Nice to meet you! Thank you for having us. I am Jami, she is Lesbi and we work with an organization…..”

I can’t count the number of times I have said this in the past week. And that is good; it’s great actually! Lesbi (below) and myself have been busy going to different girls homes, meeting directors and teenage girls who are interested in discipleship classes.

Meet Lesbi! She is working with me as we visit homes and begin discipleship classes.

It has been amazing to see God open the doors. Every place we have been has been more than willing to let us come for an hour or two every week and have discipleship classes and other activities with their youth. He is faithful!

Now that we have met with them, we have more of a set schedule (those of you who know me, know this is something I really, really like!). My planner can now be color-coded and categorized for all of the 4 homes where we will be teaching, starting next week. 🙂 But all organizing and planning aside, my real excitement lies in the fact that these classes are actually beginning.

I would ask that you please be in prayer for each of these classes and for the girls we will be teaching. Pray for open hearts and minds in which the Truth can resonate.

Then, let’s see what God is going to do!


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