#theabijamishow Takes Honduras


The middle of August my cousin, Abigail was able to come and spend almost 2 weeks with me in Honduras! So of course we had to create our own hashtag to chronicle our adventures.

You can’t tell we are related, right? 😉


Our hashtag, yes let me explain. Almost 2 years ago, her and I were sitting at my family’s kitchen table narrating and commentating on everything my sisters were doing and saying. I believe our main goal was to get one of my sister to turn her frown upside down. We jokingly introduced ourselves (to no one) as the Abi Jami Show and began to interview my sisters, asking them random silly questions about the serious business of doing dishes or sweeping the floors, boys and other life questions. One of my sisters may  or may not have this on video, but it would most likely not be funny to anyone but us. A fun memory of us being our crazy selves. Hence, our hashtag.

The Abi Jami Show continues. However instead of narrating and interviewing, this time we did some exploring and adventuring!

We started out with a day at the beach since she arrived on a weekend. It was the first time I had driven to Tela, the beach town, by myself, so I was happy to have a traveling buddy. We got to stay at the Sparrow Missions Children’s Home the night before and she was able to see that part of the ministry. That evening her and I battled against each other in a competitive game of fútbol (soccer) with 2 of the little boys there. I won’t speak for her, but I definitely do NOT have a soccer career in my future.

Abigail experienced the ocean/Caribbean Sea for the first time!




After we got our fair share of salt and sand and got adequately burned, we headed back to San Pedro. She got to experience the fun of Honduran traffic! I am afraid I may have scared her on more than one occasion. I have learned how little my car really is and where all it can fit 🙂

Tuesdays we have an afternoon class at a girl’s home, Casa Hogar de La Luz (The Light Home). Abigail shared a devotional with our group while I translated. What a special thing to be able to share that time of teaching with my cousin friend!

We finished out the week of classes then were able to travel to Copan Ruinas with Lesbi for the weekend.

Welcome to Copan Ruinas!

The 3 hours of driving on pothole-filled roads was more than worth it! Copan Ruinas is such a quaint little town, with cobblestone streets, awesome coffee shops, and of course the Ruins right outside the town.


Saturday morning was spent visiting the Ruins…..


Hieroglyphic Stairway


The Plaza

Then the afternoon with Lesbi’s family at Aguas Termales (hot springs)….


Mineral Mud for the “Spa Effect”


We had a fun, relaxing afternoon at the hot spring spa area. Where the water comes to the surface, it is 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit)! Then maybe 6 feet from this source, there is a source of cold water. Though the two mix, there are still areas that are too hot to enter. The owners have made pools each with a designated temperature for the guests to enjoy.

That night we celebrated with Lesbi’s family the birthday of her uncle, with atole de elote (hot beverage/pudding made from corn flour) and elote (corn on the cob).

Please excuse our red, squinty eyes 🙂

After a full weekend, we rested Monday morning, then went to the Women’s Discipleship class in the bordo (the community where Sparrow works) that afternoon. We were able to return to the bordo Tuesday afternoon because my regular Tuesday class got cancelled. Abigail got to spend the class time with them while I met with one of the older girls that just happened to be there at that time (God’s timing 🙂 ).


It was such a fun time, showing Abigail what everyday life looks like for me here since it is somewhat hard to explain until you actually experience it. It was fun to see the bordo, the kids, my girls, the culture…Honduras through new eyes once again. The joy and smiles, the confusion and questioning why and the learning of a new culture and way of life.

#theabijamishow takes Honduras was a success! Our next adventure (we hope) is backpacking in Europe, but that will be a long ways down the road and who knows where life will take us. Until the next time….





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