Meet Our Girls!

Meet our girls!

Week after week we get to spend time with each one of these beautiful girls, not only studying God’s Word but also playing games, worshiping and listening to music, celebrating birthdays, talking and just hanging out.

I wanted to share a few pictures that give a glimpse into what we do every week and for you to know our girls by name 🙂 I would encourage you, that as you view each pictures pray for the girls in each one. Pray for open and responsive hearts and minds.

We visit Compelled by Christ girl’s home every Friday morning.

Daniela, Marilu, Julissa & Damaris decorating their study notebooks (Compelled by Christ girls home)
Lesbi teaching the lesson at Compelled by Christ girls home (Lesbi, Gisela, Guadelupe, Maria Jose, Antonia)
Decorating their study notebooks, Compelled by Christ girls home (Gisela, Guadelupe, Maria Jose, Antonia, Gabriela, Marbella, Marilu, Julissa, Damaris)

I meet individually with 4 girls from the Bordos on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.

Nancy ❤

Xiomara ❤

Glenda (left) & Yeibi (right) ❤

On Tuesday afternoons Lesbi and I spend time with girls who live at Casa de La Luz (House of the Light).

Yolani, Clementina, & Brenda ❤

The last week of every month, we try to do something fun with each of our groups. We were able to take our girls from Casa de La Luz out for a movie and pizza. It was such a great time, getting to know each one more and more!

Out for a movie night with the girls!  *Jami, Brenda, Tia Juanita, Milagros, Stefani, Clementina, Jessica, Lesbi * Mabel, Meylin, Yolani*

We meet with Lesly once a week, on Thursday afternoons, and going through a fundamentals of discipleship book. It is so encouraging how knowledgeable and open she is to studying. I can assure you she is not the only one learning!

Lesly ❤

And of course, I can’t forget Lesbi! What a blessing and joy to serve with her ❤


Thank you for being a part of our ministry through your prayers and support!

~r e j o i c i n g  i n  h o p e, p e r s e v e r i n g  i n  t r i b u l a t i o n, d e v o t e d  t o  p r a y e r~            R o m a n s  12 : 12


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