A Change in Dirección

This past week I changed my dirección.

It’s something I’ve done in the past; in fact I’ve gotten quite good at it.

I’ve known it was coming for a while now. It’s been in process,

A process of embarking and embracing

A process of organizing and reorganizing

Not forgetting where I was, but still looking forward.

Now there are different signs, different people, a different perspective

I have to take another way,

It’s another adventure,

It’s another routine


So…yes, I moved into a new apartment 🙂

••• D I R E C C I Ó N ••• 

translation :: address/the way

Like I mentioned above, this wasn’t something unexpected. I had known when I moved in to my last apartment that it was temporary and God faithfully and graciously provided another apartment right when I needed it. I actually live close to where I used to, as the crow flies ( 😉 ) but because both are gated communities, the way around is long.

Moving day, all packed into my car





My little car [Rosita is her name 😉 ] worked hard! We got everything in 3 trips. You would think I wouldn’t have that much, but it’s crazy what you accumulate.



// everything packed into 3 car loads //





Welcome to my new apartment! // Bienvenidos a mi apartamento nuevo!


I also have another roommate! Her name is Bray and she is a teacher. I’m excited to get to know her and build another friendship!

<•<< • C    H    A    N    G    E • >>•>

Change, whether it’s a change in address, a change in perspective or a change in work, is hard; well at least for me it is. I like my routine, I like having a flow of things, I like when things feel comfortable. As much as I tell myself, “It will be fun, a new adventure, something new to experience,” it still is mentally and emotionally hard for me. It puts me in a place of vulnerability, a place where I can’t be prepared for whatever else is coming.

When I’m comfortable, I can have this and that all lined out incase this or that happens. I’m always prepared. Ask anyone, I carry everything in my purse (tide-to-go pen, a tape measure, lip gloss, mascara, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, pens, essential oils, one or two granola bars, safety pins, thread….even a leatherman. Oh, and somehow my wallet finds a space). Yes, I like being prepared 🙂 I like being in my comfort zone.

Right now with some of our groups of girls, we are going through the book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” In the past week, we discussed how our life on earth is like a practice field, a dress rehearsal, the warm-up for our life with Christ in eternity. Life here is a process.

It’s a breaking down and building up.

A shaking up and spilling out.

A process of growing and becoming more and more like Jesus.

But, we can’t grow if we stay in the comfortable. And so….CHANGE:

To loosen our grip on things here, to remind us we aren’t in control, to trust that the future is part of a plan.

When I don’t know what’s around the corner, I have to stay close to my Guide. [Isaiah 43:19]

When it’s dark, I have to listen and trust the Shepherd’s voice. [John 10:27-28]

When it’s narrow and rocky, I have to hold my Father’s hand. [Isaiah 41:13]

When my feet are bruised, tired and worn, I have to let my Savior carry me. [Isaiah 46:4]

When I’m out of my comfort zone, I have to seek and find peace in my God. [Psalm 29:11]

While change is hard, I know God is using it to break down my self-reliant spirit and build a greater dependence on Him.

God Bless,



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