Quinceañeras, Cooking, and Crazy Fun

The past week has been busy and full of many activities.

[As you read through and look at all the pictures, please take a moment to pray for each one of the girls. Thank you ❤ ]

Last Saturday, in the Bordos we celebrated the 15th birthdays  (quinceañeras) of two of our girls, Karol and Nancy! A quinceañera is a very special rite of passage, so to speak ,for young girls. It is when they are now considered young women instead of girls and, in the past it was the first time a young girl could dance in public. It still is a big deal and a very special occasion for both the girl and her family.  We wanted to make our girls feel special and loved so when the idea came up to throw them a party, we jumped on it.

What started out as a little party, grew and grew as we got more excited in our planning. Dresses, jewelry, and heels, make-up and hairstyles, cake and food, streamers and balloons.

This was the first quinceañera I had been a part of so I was excited to see how it was done. We arrived 4 hours before the party to decorate our little meeting house. Several of the younger girls jumped right in to help us hang streamers and blow up balloons.


It’s starting to look like a party…
Our diligent little helpers


Once the two birthday girls arrived, we rushed them off to do their hair and make-up…

Karol ❤
Nancy ❤

Then…ta da!

Aren’t they beautiful!?

The party started with prayer and then a blessing from one of the older women in the community. Normally each girl is presented with a Bible in this moment, but they both already had Bibles so she just gave them a blessing.

Next, the shoes. (Again, I had never been to a quinceañera, so I didn’t know the customs, but this next one I absolutely LOVE!) The girls arrive with their normal, everyday shoes, under their dresses or barefoot. Then, they are presented with new shoes, heels (tacones).  Two younger girls from the group placed the heels on each of the girls. The heels symbolize that the girl is no longer walking in the steps of a child. She now has the finer, more mature steps of a young women. Along with this comes the importance of walking with God in each of those steps.

Third, the girls were given a ring with the infinity sign on it to remind them of the infinite love that Christ has for them. The moms of each of the birthday girls presented them with their rings.

The last thing was the dance (baile). Like I mentioned above, the quinceañera is the first time a young lady gets to dance in public so the dance is the “big moment.” A waltz was played and each got to dance, Nancy with her step-father and Karol with her friend.


It was such a special time of showing the girls how important, special and loved they are, not only by us, but also by God. ❤

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Casa de La Luz ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

And the activities continued! The last week of every month, Lesbi and I plan something fun for our girls, a time of fun and hanging out with them. At Casa de La Luz, we organized a cooking night. We brought ingredients for tortilla soup and everyone got a job!

They did so good and were so helpful through the whole process. All of our hard work (and a lot of singing and dancing) paid off!  We shared dinner, brownies and a lot of good laughs and conversation 🙂


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Compelled by Christ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

And to finish off the week, we had a crazy fun game day & pizza at Compelled by Christ girl’s home!

They “Shook it up” (make-shift ping-pong balls and Kleenex boxes)…

“Stacked it up” (rubber bands and cups)…

“Scooped it up” (ping-pong balls, spoons and bowls)…

And “Sang it out!” We ended with a singing game where we named a word [for example: vida, Dios, agua, cruz, and musica] and they had to stand up with their team and start singing, together, a song that had that word in it. This was the funniest thing and we all ended up laughing by the end!img-20161031-wa0007.jpg

We love getting to spend time with all of these girls!  ❤ Each one brings something unique to our group, and that’s what makes it such a blessing!


It was a great way to end the week! A full, exhausting, but so-worth-it week!


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